Dmitry Nechaev

Memory (Single) x1400


1.How did you get your initial start in music?

It all started from the unbearable tunes coming from my guitar, Simon Le Bon’s handshake and a significant punch in the consciousness from Akira Yamaoka. I dreamed to be a musician as long as I can remember myself, but always believed one person cannot do everything on his own.. If Akira did, why can’t I?


  1. What would be your ultimate aim in the industry?

To my mind the whole industry goes down in circles nowadays. It is extremely rare that I catch myself realizing that I have never heard something like that before. The concept of ‘individuality’ has been crucially deviated to the point, when one completely looses authenticity trying to be ‘different’ . But at the same time there are fantastic artists out there who create incredible stuff, being forced to become businessmen to promote themselves in order to get heard. The whole industry itself needs a shift in concepts and values it promotes, and for that it requires new role models to follow.


  1. How long have you been writing your own music?

Since I was in my early teens.. but the legend has it that I wrote and performed my first song at the age of 7, playing a half-sized guitar with 4 strings that I intuitively tuned to my liking.. gosh, I wish I could forget the lyrics!


  1. Who are your top three influences and why?

Duran Duran – with their genuine and profound attitude towards music, Michael Hutchence from INXS and Brian Molko – his personality and authenticity is everything!


  1. Is there anything you would like people to know about your current release?

The current single Memory is a part of a larger project named ‘Unstaged’ –  it is a CG movie based around a live performance, the concept of which digs deep into the roots of contemporary social mentality and touches upon rather significant and burning issues, that have emerged under the imaginary constrains we are all forced to believe to be limited by.


  1. Where are you based and what’s your local scene like? Any favourite venues?

It’s hard to keep up with any local stuff living a life of a migratory bird which I happen to be. But I’m sure to let you know once I settle down somewhere.


  1. Who else can you recommend from your local scene for people to have a listen to?

As for my origins coming from Russia – a piece of advice – if you are looking for amazing singers and performers I suggest you dig deep into the underground scene or visit karaoke bars, it’s not the cream that floats on the surface there.. so.. emm.. have you heard of Dmitry Nechaev?


  1. Give our readers a round up of where they can find you online and hear more of your music.

I’d invite you to visit my website at, I’ve got all links to other social outlets like facebook, twitter or even myspace there. There are bits of cobweb here and there but we’re sure to tidy things up for the upcoming releases.


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