Lydia Kakabadse


  1. How did you get your initial start in music?

By having my works performed by amateur chamber groups, singers and orchestras.

  1. What would be your ultimate aim in the industry?

To be more widely known

  1. How long have you been writing your own music?

Since the age of 13

  1. Who are your top three influences and why?

My music is mainly influenced by mediaeval music; nineteenth century music and Middle Eastern music

  1. Is there anything you would like people to know about your current release?

Of the 5 pieces on this release, I wrote the Latin words for The Phantom Listeners and the English text for The Mermaid; I wrote The Song of the Shirt when I was 15; the 2 string quartets – Arabian Rhapsody Suite and Russian Tableaux – are written for violin, viola, cello and double bass (rather than the traditional 2 violins, viola and cello)

  1. Give our readers a round up of where they can find you online and hear more of your music. click on “Discography” and scroll down and click on “Presto Classical” and then click on “listen”


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