New Album ‘SLOW LIGHT’ 25th September

Findlay Brown

Ride into the Sun

Genre: Folk/ Pop/ Motorik/ Psych/ Groove

Label: DPC Records

Release Date: 22 July 2015

Findlay Brown’s brand new track “Ride Into The Sun” premiered via INTERVIEW magazine on Monday

and is now available to stream and embed via

“I’ve been a huge fan of Enio Morricone and Spaghetti Westerns for a long time,” he explains of the inspiration for the track. The video, directed by Anthony Dickenson, perfectly captures the song’s riding-through-the-desert feeling.

‘Ride Into The Sun’ is first in a series of upcoming videos from his forthcoming album ‘SLOW LIGHT’, released 25th September via DPC Records

To download or stream ‘Ride into the Sun’ for review log on to entering the following

username and password: stevemydad 99xgypJWW4Pp

‘Slow Light’ follows Brown’s widely acclaimed albums, 2007’s extraordinary ‘Separated By The Sea’ (“the most unlikely classic of the year” The Guardian) – and 2010’s Bernard Butler produced ‘Love Will Find You’ which re-cast Brown as a modern day Roy Orbison and took him all the way to Letterman. ‘Come Home’ from the first record is familiar to millions via its use in the long-running MasterCard advert


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