Aks and Shabz – Interview!

How did you get your initial start in music?

From an early age we had a passion for music, and in 2012 decided to make our own music from our bedroom as a passion and then soon realised that music is the career we wish to pursue and since we have been making our own music.

What would be your ultimate aim in the industry?

Our aim is to provide authentic music and lyrics about our lives and experiences to the general public and portray our story of struggle and success.

How long have you been writing your own music?

We have been writing our own music since 2004.

Who are your top three influences and why?

Our top three influences are. Tupac, B.i.g notorious and bone thugs and harmony. Because we grew up listening to these artists.

Is there anything you would like people to know about your current release?  

Our current single #InLoveWithTheStruggle is a sample of our lives and experiences during our struggle as migrants brought up in London.

Where are you based and what’s your local scene like? Any favourite venues?

Our favourite venue is Wembley stadium.  In our local area everyone knows each other and is a close community with respect and loyalty where everyone watches out for each other.

Who else can you recommend from your local scene for people to have a listen to?

Right now we recommend sneakbo, youngen, krept and konan and Skepta as rising rappers from the London rap and grime scene.

Give our readers a round up of where they can find you online and hear more of your music.

Check us out on Facebook – Aks & Shabz, Twitter @AksShabz



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