Interview: Kuerty Uyop

  1. How did you get your initial start in music?

Jurij: I started in music when I was 15 as DJ

Frank: Me too, maybe 14, playing records at school

parties, with embarrassing haircuts.

  1. What would be your ultimate aim in the industry?

J: Hear people singing my songs without knowing my face.. this in 60 countries worldwide!

F: Wow! That’s easy! I rather agree but i add to receive even just one mail from someone

all over the world telling me that my music has been the soundtrack for an important

moment, maybe few minutes, but full of feelings.

  1. How long have you been writing your own music?

J: Since I was 18 because as DJing I wanted to playing my own productions

F: I started before, or rather, i was already writing thoughts, poetries, prayers (that for a while have been my job) and then i found out they could be songs.

  1. Who are your top three influences and why?

J: I grew up with Hip Hop music, when I was very young in the car with my father we listened to rock and blues. I think that the first contact with music was thru my mother stomach, she listened classical music and gothic rock. This mix has created my musical taste and my music attitude.

F: Holy crap Jurij, what the f**k is gothic rock? Now i explain to myself why your are…so!

I grew up with Prince, and i’m still in love with him, then i bought the typical dance songs of those years,

just to make people dance at the parties, but one day i bought the maxi 45 of Who Am i, Snoop, and everything changed!

  1. Is there anything you would like people to know about your current release?

J: For sure, I’m the embodiment of the Peter Pan Syndrome Of! lol

F: You’re not, i am.

  1. Where are you based and what’s your local scene like? Any favourite venues?

J: I currently live in Italy, but I spend the whole summers in Spain, the Canarian islands are very inspiring for me!

F: I also live in Italy, but what is inspiring for me is North of Europe, Normandie, Brittany, England, Scotland, my homeland, the scandinavian countries. The sea is not for me, i mean, everyone could find relaxing being on a beach, sipping drinks, with half-nude ladies all around but try to spend the winter in the Orkney Islands, and then we talk about what’s relaxing.

  1. Who else can you recommend from your local scene for people to have a listen to?

J: I recommend these two production teams “Goondocks Project” and “ARK” are DJ/Producers very talented, they make great house music.

F: I reccomend Dj Jurij solo productions, he’s weird but he’s great.

  1. Give our readers a round up of where they can find you online and hear more of your music.

J & F: On facebook, soundcloud and youtube check our music and videos!


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