AKA V – Interview

  1. How did you get your initial start in music?

 I got my initial start with the band OzGoode. They had a national tour booked and their singer let them down. I automatically connected with them and had an awesome tour. So much that we went on a second Canadian tour a few months later.

  1. What would be your ultimate aim in the industry?

To make a comfortable living off my music. Obviously everybody dreams of being the next big thing but realistically, I just want to be able to create and perform without worrying about money. My ultimate aim is a longevity in the music industry over instant success.

  1. How long have you been writing your own music?

I’ve been writing my own lyrics for a few years now. I like to collaborate for the music part of it. A great writing partnership came out of me joining OzGoode. Patrick Phillips (drummer/main songwriter) and I have been writing all our songs together since then.

  1. Who are your top three influences and why?

My main influences are females killing it in the mostly male dominated rock scene. Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless, Sky Sweetnam from Sumo Cyco and Meg Myers.

  1. Is there anything you would like people to know about your current release?

The song is for all the big dreamers out there. In the entertainment scene, we see so many people becoming someone they wouldn’t be proud of in the hopes of making their dreams a reality. If it doesn’t work out, there is no shame in going back home, wherever that safe place is for you.

  1. Where are you based and what’s your local scene like? Any favourite venues?

I’m based out of Toronto, CA (but I am currently in London, UK). The local scene is definitely busy but a little different than here in the UK, and not as supportive. My favourite venue back in Toronto is the  Horseshoe Tavern.

  1. Who else can you recommend from your local scene for people to have a listen to? 

Sumo Cyco. It’s a very different style than my own music but I love the positive message in their new album ‘Lost in Cyco City’.

  1. Give our readers a round up of where they can find you online and hear more of your music.

You can hear my music here:


Find everything about it on my website: www.akavmusic.com

And here are the links where you can find me:





AKA V - Always Go Home Cover Photo


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