Liam Browne & The Love

How did you get your initial start in music?

Almost 3 years ago I was deep in the Amazon Rainforest partaking in Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies when I was made to sing by the onlooking Shaman Otillia. My first reaction was I can’t sing, which was told to the Shaman via an interpreter. The Shaman persisted and I kept saying ‘I can’t sing, I can’t sing’. The Shaman asked me if I knew any songs. I said ‘yes, but I can’t sing them, I don’t sing, my voice is awful’. I told the group that I did write my own songs and Otillia said ‘perfect you can sing one of them’, shit I dropped myself in it, I thought. Again I declined but Otillia said we will wait as long as it takes for you to sing. Everyone looked at me waiting to hear me sing. I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. I was always told ‘don’t give up your day job’ when I sang.

How can I get out of this I thought? Maybe if I waited long enough when I opened my eyes the people and the Shaman would be gone. I decided this was unrealistic so I had to look within and find this internal voice she spoke of.

I couldn’t find it.

Then with the help of Lady Ayahuasca I found the place in my heart where it comes from. It seemed covered with layers and layers of fear, anxiety and voices telling me I couldn’t sing, including my own.

The Shaman said ‘everybody can sing Señor and so can you, find your voice’. This kept reverberating around my head and heart.

I knew everyone was waiting and that the ceremony wouldn’t continue until I had sang a song, so I knew I had to but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

‘How embarrassing will it be when this out of tune sound appears from my lips, I wont be able to look at anyone again’. Then Lady Ayahuasca told me in my head that the reason I was in the Amazon was to get rid of my fear and become more confident and stronger, ‘this is your test’, she whispered.

I dug deeper and deeper trying to free the voice from all the fear and anxiety that was strangling it. It was like I was getting rid of a lifetime of thinking that I couldn’t sing, that was wrapped around this space. The space where the voice was seemed to be getting less tangled, less restricted as these wounds surrounding it started to be healed and repaired.

After 25 minutes of battling with the internal workings of my body and mind (a mind that was telling me repeatedly that I shouldn’t and couldn’t do it) I finally grew some balls and let words flow from my mouth and past my lips and sang a song I had written in Guatemala about a group of pilgrims I was with called 21 Souls.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the voice seemed free and angelic and I seemed to be in another world as I sang, when I got fully into the song without worry of forgetting the words or hitting the right note I seemed to be held in space and could find the note and the delivery for each word as I let it out. A rush of tingles flew up my back and a huge smile came across my face as I finished. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside and all the neurones in my head started to light up and it felt like sprinkles of stars were being dropped onto my head and they were twinkling around inside. I opened my eyes and received a little round of applause and felt beautifully content.

Otillia said ‘see Señor I told you, you could sing, you sang beautifully and I see a lot of singing in your future, you should sing everyday and bring beauty to the world’. I thought that might be going a bit far luv. ‘You are an Artist and singing should be part of your art’ she said.

With that to brew on and not really trying to think to much into it we dropped back in the the Psychedelic world of Lady Ayahuasca and continued our shamanic adventure….

Everyday for a year I meditated on wanting to meet someone to help me turn my poems, lyrics, stories and spoken words into songs. Then at another shamanic weekend I met James Fraser and the rest is history. Its like something other worldly has manipulated this whole project and Im very grateful for that.

What would your ultimate aim in the industry be?

I want to make more albums and be able to continue growing as an artist. I would love to play more festivals and the ultimate is to play the main stage at Glastonbury and Beatherder.

How long have you been writing your own music?

Almost 2 years

Who are your top 3 influences and why?

My Mum who passed in 2007, is like her death sparked a massive amount of creativity in my. Artist who I have seen live who I thought possessed very little talent but are doing it because you can’t go and see Prince and Bowie and ever think you can achieve that those guys are aliens. Also Alex Turner for that first mix tape I passed around Uni and became a legend because of. He’s such a wordsmith and I love how his music always evolves and changes direction which most artists are usually scared of

Is there anything you would like people to know about your current release?

The single Baby Grow is a poem I wrote whilst I was traveling in Peru about an ex who I had been back in touch wth and we had decided over a long period of time that we would get back together when I got home. We were madly in love again and I was having all these feeling about rekindling love and how it could blossom again. When we got in the studio I wrote a catch chorus that represented the over all feel of the poem and James came up with some summery bouncy guitar riffs and we had what was to become our favourite song to perform live.

The song and the album almost never happened as Liam’s car broke down on the M60. While trying to repair the exhaust with string by jacking up his car and lying underneath it, the car fell on him knocking him unconscious. Liam came very close to death, drifting in and out of consciousness without anyone stopping to help for hours. The fact that he survived was due to the fact that he is an expert yoga practioner and was able to control his breathing very effectively. While he eventually accepted death, the thing that brought him back from the brink was thinking he wanted to make music – as well as the fact of how badly people would take the piss out of him at his funeral for dying by having his car fall on top of him on the M60. Rather disappointingly given what he’d gone through Liam didn’t even go to hospital after the incident. And his favourite coat was ruined. As we say in Manchester ‘devod”!!!

Where are you based and what’s your local scene like? Any favourite venues?

Im based in Manchester and we have such a vibrant scene, with all the massive acts coming to play. We also have a really good open mic scene and there is nowhere better that The Whiskey Jr in the Northern Quarter on a Tuesday night, that talent there is phenomenal.  I recently saw Everything Everything at the Deaf Institute at a private part which was incredible but my favourite venue is The Albert Hall on Peter Street, its just such a special venue and was disused for so many years. I m so happy the people of TROF invested in it and gave us Manchester’s finest live music venue. I saw Beck there a couple of months ago and for me he is in the same league as Prince, Jacko, Bowie and Bork. The guy is almost 50 look 28 and has such dazzling stage presence and energy. Im looking forward to seeing a Manchester grime artist called Bugsy Malone soon.

Who else can you recommend from your local scene for people to have a listen to?

Bugsy Malone, but my tip for superstardom in a young band called Pleasures who are all 15 and so talented that it makes you jealous watching them. There post punk, lyrically astute and so so tight that they have you hanging on every note.

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