Liam Browne and The Love release ‘BabyGrow’


Introducing Liam Browne and The Love, formed after frontman Liam was in the Amazon and a Shaman convinced him to sing for the first time initiating his aspirations as a vocalist and a songwriter. He then met fellow member James at a Shamanic workshop the following year and from that point onwards they started making music together.

And what a great decision that was… Liam Browne and The Love remind me of that indie pop vibe that seems to be missing from most songs today, their track ‘Babygrow’  has a Scouting For Girls sound to it, I wish I heard this song earlier on in the year, as it would be a perfect track to chill out to on the beach, it’s a feel good track, gets you tapping your feet.

What makes the track unique is that you hear Liam’s lovely accent coming through, a typical mancunian accent, they have been described as genre meddlers and I can really see why, compared to their other release Confused ft Rowetta of The Happy Mondays.

check the video here:





The song has a stand out lyric for me which I think perfectly describes Liam’s ideologies of being a musician ‘Indie Music, Dance Music, Raving, is this really me?’,  I think that perfectly describes how many of us sometimes feel…

On top of music, Liam has starred in a number of cult movies and music videos, including Stereophonics ‘Violins and Tambourines’ and ‘In The Moment’.

I can’t wait to see the video for ‘Babygrow’, Liam is must be a dream to work with on music videos from his acting experience, so I can’t wait to see the concept that comes from ‘Babygrow’/


Check out ‘Babygrow’ here:


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