Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis goes solo

After finding alternative success with Massachusetts based band, Speedy Ortiz, lead singer Sadie Dupuis is embarking on her own musical journey with aims of combating the way sexual consent in represented in contemporary music.

Her decision to go solo from the band was not due to a break up, it was justified. Sadie says: ‘most of these songs come from voice memo ideas that had been sitting on my phone since 2013, but they were all things that didn’t really fit for Speedy Ortiz’. 

Sadie is also a very productive songwriter, not mulling over compositions for months on end but instead, she makes demo versions that are then improved upon at a later date: ‘I was able to take the shells of these demos, re-do the vocals and add some live drums a little later. So whenever I had some free time for the rest of the year, I was putting in nicer vocals, or better guitars, or mixing and mastering it’.

Sadie’s single, ‘Get a Yes’ quite clearly addresses the issue of sexual consent and she noted that ‘there’s a lot of mystery and conflict inherent in mainstream depictions of sex, and less of a focus on healthy sexuality. So that was part of wanting to write a song like ‘Get A Yes’, where there’s no question of what it’s about. I don’t know that there many songs that are so explicitly about consent, which seems crazy to me!’

The debut album, Slugger, was written, recorded and produced by Sadie and whilst many are surprised by such self-sufficient female artists, Sadie stood up for women everywhere noting: ‘It baffles me, I guess, that people are still surprised that women are capable people with vast interests. I never understand that – people who immediately want to discredit women who work in technical areas of music, but it’s not surprising, I suppose.’




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