The Unique Sound of the Nova Twins

The music of the Nova Twins is the kind of music that slaps you in the face when you first listen to it, leaving you wondering what just happened.

Whilst ‘Hitlist’ might be considered an assault on the ears, its a pleasing assault, if there’s such a thing. The London based duo create powerful punk-infused rock that draws eually as much influence from grime and rap too. A potent combination I think you’ll find.

Heavy basslines akin to Royal Blood and Slaves blend with attitude-injected vocals not dissimilar from the likes of Sleigh Bells which consequently create a sound like no other heard before.

The band note ‘We don’t call ourselves rock or grime. It’s the 21st century, everyone’s mutating now. Girls who listen to pop music will have ripped jeans on. We’re a 21st century band,’.

It seems with their unique brand of music, the Nova Twins are bringing along a new era where anything goes.

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