Connie Constance: A New Generation of Songwriter?

The young, 21 year old R&B songstress Connie Constance is making waves in the UK music scene with her beautiful blend of poetry, punk and jazz all stemming from unique points of inspiration. Perhaps this is how the new generation of songwriters work?

Whilst she may sound nothing like The Spice Girls, Connie cites them as one of her main influences, perhaps not in terms of the music, but more due to their personalities as women: “they were totally owning being a female in the nineties, and became so influential to younger people.”

Despite this, Connie also focuses on poetry as a starting point for her songs.  She says “I had somewhere to release, and sometimes I would base the whole song off my poems. I really want to encourage kids to write down how they feel or express how they feel somehow.”

Connie even uses her mad dreams as material for writing original songs. She describes how one particular dream inspired her latest single ‘Clouds’: “At one point I was flying and when I was moving my hand I could feel the wind going through them, it was crazy. It was like ‘Woah what is going on in my mind’ so when I woke up I just put it straight down, but you don’t forget them.”



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