Get to know: My Heart is a Metronome

We were lucky enough to have an extended interview with Swedish Indie-pop up-and-comers, My Heart is a Metronome. Here’s what they had to say:


How did you get you initial start in music?

We started out as a band about 4 years ago. Well, actually, it all started with Mattis Malinen (vocals and guitar) who wrote a whole lot of music on his own and then busked the streets throughout Europe. When he came back home to Sweden he felt the songs lacked a rhythm section. This is where Gustaf Simonsson (bass) and Felix Carlsten (drums) joined the band.

Mattis used to collect live videos on his hard-drive when he was around 15. One day he found a video of the band System of a Down playing a show at Big day out festival. The guitarist Daron Malakian was acting crazy, running around stage, spinning around, throwing himself on the ground to play a solo. This is what got Mattis into playing guitar. The rest is history.

Gustaf had been interested in music for his whole life. Growing up in a family with his mother who was an opera singer and grandpa who was a cantor, it was no coincidence Gustaf started to play music at a young age. He did his first live performance as a newborn baby, representing “the new year” at a big gala party. He used to perform on every big family occasion singing funny songs alone on stage. When he was 9 years old he began learning how to play the guitar. He was really focused to learn how to play a clean barre chord. He tried and tried, but did not succeed. He got so disappointed and sad that he climbed into a closet, held the door shut from the inside and refused to get out. That is what you call a real musician! Legend says he still walks into his closet when he can’t figure out the right chord for a song.

When it comes to Felix he literally started playing the drums on ice cream boxes, saucepan lids and plastic toys when he was 14 years old. He also liked to go to the kitchen, open the pantry and oven and hit everything that would make a sound. At last, his parents got so annoyed (impressed?) that they finally bought him a drum kit. However, we like to believe that they bought him the drum kit as they thought he had talent. Funny thing is that it is the same drum kit as he plays on the song ‘Feel Think’.

As a band, My Heart is a Metronome takes inspiration from almost everything. Might sound like a cliché, but that’s the truth. We listen to all kinds of music and if the music is good, it’s something to be inspired by.


What would be your ultimate aim in the industry?

The ultimate goal for My Heart is a Metronome would be touring worldwide, making a living off of our music. We all LOVE to play live, so to get the chance to tour all year long would be awesome.

We’re probably expected to say something like “our aim is world domination” or “we want to be the next big thing!”. But basically, for us it’s all about touring and playing our music live in front of our fans, on whatever “level” this might be.


How long have you been writing you own music?

Since the start, as we said earlier, My Heart is a Metronome started as a solo project, hence Mattis wrote the music himself. Now as a band we are writing all the music together in our rehearsal space. We feel that when we write everything together we bring out the best out of each other and that the synergy works best that way. However, Mattis writes all the lyrics on his own.


Who are you top three influences and why?

We all listen to different kinds of music and therefore also have different backgrounds, but we feel that it gives us a flexibility and creativity that makes us write cool stuff. We try not to get restricted to what we SHOULD sound like – but how we WANT to sound like. One day we might want to be sound frantic and noisy, another day we might want to sound more chill.

But to answer the question, here’s a few artists we’re listening to at the moment:


Bon Iver

Hey Rosetta!


Is there anything you would like people to know about your current release?

Well of course there is! First of all, you can find all of our songs on Spotify, SoundCloud and Youtube.

The release is named ‘Tierp’ after the small town that Mattis and Gustaf grew up in (and Felix visited to play football matches). It is said that the jackdaws are flying up and down because they don’t want to see the ugly town. This is why the artwork for the EP ‘Tierp’ consists of a jackdaw flying up and down. We can say that this is a tribute to Tierp, the town that has been named ‘the ugliest town in Sweden’.


Where are you based and what’s you local scene like? Any favourite venues?

We’re based in a city called Uppsala, close to Stockholm. The local scene in Uppsala is quite all right. You see, Uppsala is a student city which means that there’s a lot of things going on all the time. So when we play in Uppsala, our main target group is students who love to party! But the favourite venue in Uppsala must be either Katalin or the basement stage down in our rehearsal space complex.


Who else can you recommend from your local scene for people to have a listen to?

Well we must say ‘Acidiun’! Really heavy stuff. The drummer in Acidiun used to perform as a percussionist at our shows, so we support each other.

Besides that we have ‘Struts’ which is Gustaf and Mattis’ second band. Felix says that it is his favourite band in Uppsala!


Give our readers a round up where they can find you online and hear more of your music

Oops already dropped a few places online… But what the heck, we can do it again.

To find us online and to get to know us even better you can visit us on:




Snapchat: @mhiamband

Web page:


Find our music here:





Thank you for showing interest in our music!


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