Pallab Sarker-From Ministerial advisor to Music writer

Pallab Sarker, born in Bangladesh, and raised in Peterborough, has kept true to his heritage and has had music as part of his life at an early age. Pallab has now pushed his new solo-acoustic career to new heights, with new single ‘Not Gonna Fall in Love with You’, as well as brand new album ‘Grey Day’.

Not Gonna Fall in Love with You-music Video:

However, this was not always set in sight for the singer-songwriter. Pallab was the former Ministerial press advisor, communicating and assisting to the Ministers as well as VIP’S, which meant a very special experience with his holiness Pope Francis. In this interaction, Pope Francis personally blessed Pallab with rosemary beads as a gift to his Italian in-laws, and moment he will “Never forget”.

To understand where his sweet, melodic yet pulsating music style came from, you must first know what has led up to the launch of his solo exploration.

His parents decided to immigrate to England after escaping the Bangladeshi war for independence in the 70’s, where they moved to Peterborough. It was there were this future song-bird would grow up and get involved in music. However bigger sights and sounds were calling, so off to London he went. Pallab decided to relocate to London in his early twenties. It was here that he had been thrown into the whirlwind of the Brit Pop scene, which he then formed a band called, ‘ICON’, who gigged constantly and were strong contributors to the lively scene.

Now living in Walthamstow, Pallab has gained knowledge and experience from around the world, but uses the vibrant and culturally diverse art scene of South London as main inspiration for his music. You can see it clearly as the main focal point for his most recent single ‘Morning in Brixton’, and now has a new single out called ‘Not Gonna Fall in Love with You’.

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