Lady Geraldine: Culturally Rich Singer/Songwriter Is Putting The Classic Into Rock




Lady Geraldine, who’s life has been a mass mix of different experiences and cultural influences, which are brought together for her solo music career.

Born in Bristol, She had lived life, until the age of 7, in which she would be diagnosed as profoundly deaf after years of ear infections and intense damage to her ears. She would then be offered reconstructive surgery performed on her right ear, in which she would gain partial hearing, letting her live life.

She then decided to move to North Africa, in which she would be thrust into a culturally vibrant and exciting environment would inspire creativity, which were then channelled into oil paintings, in which her passion was released through her work. However due to the harsh climate and environment she was in, she decided to move to Venezuela in South America. This was another brand new environment to draw from, making her diversity grow in scale and passions range.


She then moved to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, UK. It was here she started her own jewellers, which became extremely successful. And with her business gaining popular traction, she was now able to explore music thoroughly and took this opportunity to record and write her own songs.

She is now releasing her new album ‘Little Miss Blue’, which is a classic rock styled Instalment from the singer/songwriter.




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