Barcelona Beatle’s: Pablo And The Appleheads Are Set To Dominate


At first sight Pablo Villavacchia may seem like model, a David Bowie type character, sporting vintage coats, set in a classic surrounding with books, statues and ornaments to provide as a backdrop, but if you heard his songs, you’d know, that’s exactly who he is.

Pablo and the appleheads, a culmination of musicians from Spain. With the inclusion of front man Pablo, this band of rock and roller’s include Pere Foved (Drums), Jordi Franco(Bass),  Joan Vinyals (Guitar & Backing vocals), Jordi Bastida (Guitar) and Manu Guix (Piano and keyboards). Being referred regularly to the Beatles, as well other acts including David Bowie, Oasis and Radiohead.

Their previous album ‘Stars and Dots’, was their first release, and ever since then they have spent time working on their craft, playing live and writing brand new original songs. Thus making way for new track Zaida‘, a new single for the guys in Pablo and the Appleheads. 

Pablo has stated that this is a song was written due to our front man finding love with his now girlfriend ‘Alessandra Marta Grosso’, as well as this ‘Allessandra happens to be the name of the new album. 

The Music Video for ‘Zaida’ is now on YouTube:

Pablo and the Appleheads Facebook:

Pablo and the Appleheads  Twitter:

Pablo and the Appleheads YouTube:

Pablo and the Appleheads  Website:




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