Lapp X: Melow Sounds for Everyone and Anyone

Luke Papini, a story telling-singer, is making his way to the top with this new outlook on songwriting, that could change everything.

Based in London, Luke Papini aka Lapp X, has been honing his craft and developing as a storytelling-singer. A new way to portray emotion, feeling and thoughts. Luke has recorded a number of songs and has also got a degree in music, which he studied in Liverpool.

Luke, previous to this new venture was part of a Liverpool band named ‘Wild Rossa And The ‘88’. Which he then separated from, which he refers to as ‘doing a Zayn’ and is now attempting to go solo, while finding players and new musicians along the way. With sounds intertwined from the likes of Frank Ocean and Van Morrison, however providing 70’s disco Pop styled instrumentation.

I feel that today’s mainstream music lacks lyrical emphasisLuke explains. One of Luke’s main influences are stories, one in particular which is the main source of inspiration for his new songSunny’, is Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger. He has taken elements of the novel, life lessons and emotions and written them into the song.

Be sure to check the song out!





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