Crack Of Dawn Set To Release Brand New Album ‘Spotlight’

Welcoming back to the stage, Crack of Dawn! 

After years away from the ‘Spotlight’, this group of highly talented and skilled musicians have recorded and are set to release their latest album, which promises not to disappoint.

The collective minds of musicians Alvin Jones, Greg Gooding, Carl Harvey, Michael Dunston and Trevor Daley have joined forces once again to bring fans a bit of funk back into your lives.

Even Though they are drawing style from their early days, Crack of Dawn are also using new era funk and pop, each member providing musical experiences they have had throughout the years. Little nods to artists such as Bruno Mars, Earth, Wind and Fire and Parliament Funkadelic are heard throughout, even though Crack of Dawn still keep it fresh and make it their own.

With a eclectic mix of tracks this new addition to the world of Crack of Dawn is a great and worthy piece that fans and music listeners everywhere will love.




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