Nele, The Worlds Greatest Popstar Is Doing Her Research On One Of The Greatest Mysteries…Love


A journey filled with love, loss, more love……more loss? Okay, it may seem like there’s a sad story to tell here, but i assure every sad story can turn into a happy ending…

Nele ( pronounced “Nail-A“) is making the rounds with the upcoming release of her brand new album. She is an eccentric, eclectic act that incorporates dark humor, story telling and beautiful songwriting.

She conveys the persona of a researcher who is here from another planet to discover about life, however her main goal is to understand love. What is Love? How do you fall in love? Why do you fall in love? All questions Nele is setting out to find answers for. 

Her new album ‘Love Yeah’, is a dark yet comedic pop treat with soft melodies and pleasantly soothing instrumentation, with great tunes such as ‘We’ll see’ and ‘CV’, shes sure to find the meaning of love as she will be receiving plenty of it when this album comes out.

So to help her with her quest, be sure to check her brand new album out, set to release the month of March 2018. 





Twitter: @NNAHoliday

Instagram: neleneedsaholiday




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