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Survival Code Give Us The Brief On The Release Of Their Brand New Single ‘Not Working’


Currently gearing up for a momentous year, Survival Code have been pushing themselves to the limit, and now with a full-length album currently under-way there seems to be no stopping the dynamic duo!

With fantastically edgy and heavy past releases including ‘Broken strings’ and ‘One’, music lovers are eagerly awaiting what the boys in Survival Code have come up with now.

“I always encourage people to take what they can from a song no matter what it’s original intention so not sure if there’s a need to dictate the feeling. Having said that the title isn’t keeping too many secrets in fairness, so I suppose the new single is just about putting your hand up and letting anyone/someone know if it’s not working for you”, Explains Gary(lead singer of the band).

The song is already out, and with a artistically intriguing music video to accompany it, definitely don’t hesitate to keep up to date with the boys from Survival Code.

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