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Hunter The Artist. Hunter The Activist, There’s No Stopping Him

Some activists write an article, some protest outside important buildings, however Hunter Blue is connecting with the human race by recording his own track, ‘So Gay’.


The release of this song is something that will be greeted with open arms, especially with the eclectic mix of modern pop music with Hunters deep, raspy voice. However, this song has been long in waiting as Hunters life consisted of early oppression as he was born in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Eastern Africa, an area in which it is illegal to be homosexual.

With the goal of pursuing his artistry, Hunter then moved to London, where he studied, and would later record the track ‘So Gay’.

The song also have 2 different remixes that are set to be released soon. 1 of which is a bloodhound gang type pop disco influenced remix, in addition remix number 2 is more of a house track with a thick and heavy beat pacing through.

The overall intent of the tracks is to create awareness for the LGBTQ community, and I think this is a great start.

Be sure to check them out:

Instagram: hunter.the.voice


Olisha’s Bringing Pop Back To Its Rightful Throne


South Africa’s pop princess is paving the way for classic pop and dance from the 90’s and 2000’s.

For those who are a little younger than the new millennium, you may have missed the best club and dance tracks that the late 90’s/early 2000’s had to offer, (a personal favourite of mine being Bomfunk MC’S ‘Freestyler’). However don’t fret, because Olisha is bringing this powerful and nostalgic movement back, and she’s starting with her brand new single, ‘Strangers’.

This new breed of modern day Dance pop is a creation that Olisha has full control over, and that’s the way its going to stay.  She has full control over production, writing, performance and any other aspect you can think of when it comes to music. With this all hands on approach, Olisha plans to take the world back to the nostalgic past.


Instagram: olishanaicker


Celebration Of Life: How Jungle, Drum And Bass Artists Are Coming Together For Celebration


A mass mix of different artists are uniting for charity, with a mother of 2 spearheading this monumental campaign.

Charlene Mulhern, a mother of 2 has a mission, to bring happiness to all, and with her attitude, its more than possible. Charlene has a son, Jaden, and a daughter, Taya. Jaden has an incurable progressive brain disorder, and Taya has PTSD, autism and Asperger’s.

With these circumstances, Charlene has decided to make it known, that there is help, and that even though some journeys are hard, there is support available.

In an attempt to get this message as far as possible, Charlene’s never give up attitude has attracted attention from artists that range from jungle to Dance to Drum and Bass. Artists include General Levy, Ragga Twins, Tippa Irie, Cowboy Ranger and Navigator, with production from Potential Bad Boy.

She has managed to get these artists and more to record two songs focusing on the positivity that life can bring and the strength within. The titles of both of these tracks are ‘Celebrate life’ and ‘Think Positive’, which are sure to get you in a upbeat and joyful mood.  “These songs will be a spiritual tribute to my children, incorporating a message that is dedicated to anybody who inspires, gives strength and makes you smile” explains Charlene.

Twitter: @celebratelifeuk
Instagram: celebrationoflifeglobal


Belle Chen: For Any And All Music Lovers


As a guy who’s spent most of his music life listening to Green Day, Metallica and other punk and metal bands, I wouldn’t have expected to have seen a brand new, completely unique and overall harmonious performance by Pianist Belle Chen.

On the 18th of October, I went to go see Belle Chen, a Pianist who was playing her brand new album ‘Mademoiselle’ live, at the Senate House in London. This event was part of the Bloomsbury festival, which welcomes a wide range of different acts and performance pieces. I was immediately intrigued by Belle Chen’s eclectic mix in the description. Drawing from Classical, Electro as well as aspects of Jazz, this was an appealing and exciting collaboration of genres.

Ranging from, beautiful, delicate and emotional piano playing, to heavy, darkened and thought provoking sounds and sights(with the help of an interpretive dancer).

The night started with a small composition as an opener, to which Belle would talk about the night ahead later on after the piece was finished. She explained that she would take us as the audience on a journey, to which there were 3 parts. Throughout, there would be the use of instruments and tools such as a loop pedal and sound art which diversified the overall show giving it more colour and vibrancy.

There was one piece that was mesmerising to witness, which was Claude Debussy’s ‘Claire De Lune’, a famous composition which is associated with Moonlight, and after listening to that, walking out to a crisp London night was the perfect environment for the music that would define the evening.

Twitter: @bellepianist
Instagram: @bellepianist

MVP: Mavis Victory Project are Putting a Dark Spin on Things, For the Better

Mavis Victory Parade or MVP for short, are leading the way in the UK’s dark electronic styled indie pop, and they’re doing it no question’s asked!

Now, think of all the bands that are brothers or sisters. I bet all the artists or acts you come up with don’t have anything on MVP, whose near record breaking 4 sibling group, with the inclusion of childhood friend are ready to take their music to the masses, with the recent release of their new track ‘Don’t Go Away’. 

Comprising of Michael (Vocals), Phil (rhythm guitar), Ollie (bass), Chris (Drums) and  Robert Rosser (guitar and keyboard), this 5-piece have taken elements from all different artists to culminate in a soul shaking and bone chilling style that will make you unable to stay away. Much like a great classic horror movie, the concepts and visuals scare you, but make you curious and wanting to see more, MVP, are hard to leave alone.

Be sure to check guys out!





‘Short Sharp Scratch’ from Alt-Grunge to Post Pop!

So, Once you’ve played in a band that is alt-grunge, with a couple of funk styled riffs, where do you go!? Well it wasn’t hard for Jak Chantler to find where his passion would take him next.

Jak Chantler is the lead composer, producer and performer in ‘Short Sharp Scratch’, a funk based, soulful synth pop project that has just released their first track titled ‘Shell suit’. 

This song is an interesting yet superb entry into the local soft synth and Alt-Pop world, but Jak has stated that future releases differ and that they will feature new ideas a creative direction, “the first release is soulful synth pop taking influence from chic and Chaka Chan. However, future releases will be different”. 

Jak grew up in Folkestone, but studied in Guilford. He then formed ‘Kingskin’, who won best Unsigned Artist, awarded by Kerrang. Jak, now has been experimenting with different sounds and has this as a solo project, in which Chantler aims to create era-defying, positive tunes.




Under the Covers With…Mihail Doman

We asked neo-classical genius, Mihail Doman, to imagine a very straight forward scenario: we’ve zipped forward in time to the eve of his fourth album, and his record company insist he makes an album of cover versions. We asked him what he’d choose and why…

Time – Hans Zimmer
This is THE song which inspired my album – epic and dramatic, yet sensitive.

Chevaliers de Sangreal – Hans Zimmer
Part of The Davinci Code Soundtrack – and part of the Soundtrack for my trip to Florence in October ‘16, where so many things changed for me.

Only the Winds – Olafur Arnalds
A song which inspired Part VI (the track with the video) – great production and theme.

Chronologie I – Jean Michel Jarre
A song I’ve listened to a thousand times – it’s like the beginning of spring – joyful and big.

Rendez-vous II – Jean Michel Jarre
One of the most epic and huge songs ever made, period.

See Mihail’s own work here: