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Hunter The Artist. Hunter The Activist, There’s No Stopping Him

Some activists write an article, some protest outside important buildings, however Hunter Blue is connecting with the human race by recording his own track, ‘So Gay’.


The release of this song is something that will be greeted with open arms, especially with the eclectic mix of modern pop music with Hunters deep, raspy voice. However, this song has been long in waiting as Hunters life consisted of early oppression as he was born in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Eastern Africa, an area in which it is illegal to be homosexual.

With the goal of pursuing his artistry, Hunter then moved to London, where he studied, and would later record the track ‘So Gay’.

The song also have 2 different remixes that are set to be released soon. 1 of which is a bloodhound gang type pop disco influenced remix, in addition remix number 2 is more of a house track with a thick and heavy beat pacing through.

The overall intent of the tracks is to create awareness for the LGBTQ community, and I think this is a great start.

Be sure to check them out:

Instagram: hunter.the.voice


Adam Lanceley Is Showing Us That There Is Nothing Stopping Him


Adam Lanceley is a man who Is proving doctors that diagnosed him with terminal brain injury, wrong.

At the age of 10, Adam was involved in a car crash that completely changed his life. After surgery, his parents were first told that he would not survive, he was then told that he would never be able to walk again.

However, over 20 year later, Adam is walking, talking, has competed in marathons and is now putting his hand to the world of music, with his recent release ‘A Film We All Saw’.

The song is clearly an inspirational piece, that brings positivity and light to situations that can seem hard or unfair. The music video makes a point of showing us that Adam is ready to take on the world, with the video consisting of Adam walking through the streets of Cambridge.

After defeating some of life’s great challenges, he is assured to be a force to be reckoned with, because when he sets his mind on something, there’s no stopping him.







Olisha’s Bringing Pop Back To Its Rightful Throne


South Africa’s pop princess is paving the way for classic pop and dance from the 90’s and 2000’s.

For those who are a little younger than the new millennium, you may have missed the best club and dance tracks that the late 90’s/early 2000’s had to offer, (a personal favourite of mine being Bomfunk MC’S ‘Freestyler’). However don’t fret, because Olisha is bringing this powerful and nostalgic movement back, and she’s starting with her brand new single, ‘Strangers’.

This new breed of modern day Dance pop is a creation that Olisha has full control over, and that’s the way its going to stay.  She has full control over production, writing, performance and any other aspect you can think of when it comes to music. With this all hands on approach, Olisha plans to take the world back to the nostalgic past.


Instagram: olishanaicker


Adam Lanceley – Triumph Through Adversity

When a band splits up due to ‘musical differences’, or they cancel a gig due to having a cold, it’s normal practice for fans to get upset or feel sorry for them. Spare a thought then for the people for whom music is far more than that: for people who have used music as a bridge to rebuild their lives and to survive the everyday trials many of us take as par for the course. Music for some people really can be one of the deciding factors in how their life is fundamentally affected.

Adam Lanceley was only ten years old when a car accident left him seriously injured. Sustaining a severe brain injury, a crushed pelvis and shattered legs, doctors advised him he was unlikely to walk or talk again. Against all odds, Adam not only proved them wrong but has taken his remarkable recovery to the extreme, running marathons and now carving out a career as a singer-songwriter.

Watch the Video To “A Film We All Saw” here:

Adam’s latest success story is the video to his track, “A Film we all Saw”. Far from a reflection of the doctor’s predictions, the video sees him walking around the picturesque city of Cambridge, with scarcely the slightest suggestion that without his self-belief and extraordinary determination, his life could have been so different. Having released several albums under his own name, he has perfectly his signature sound, which has a sunny West Coast vibe and personal, heartfelt lyrics.

See more about Adam’s Story here:

Although Adam has conquered many of the physical consequences of the accident, he has said that mentally he sometimes feels like a little boy, struggling with mental issues such as very low confidence and depression. However, the work done by the Brain and Spine Foundation helped to motivate him to strive for new goals, his new video being a case in point. With so much talk in the media about mental health, Adam’s music video is an inspiration to anyone feeling they’re fighting the battle alone. Adam has already released several albums slowly developing his sound into the unique brand it is today.





Multi-Talented Lawrence Preston Is Back, With New Single ‘Something For You’


Lawrence Preston has returned to top form with his funk-soul roots, with brand new track ‘Something For You’.

Lawrence Preston has always been a formidable player in the funk-soul scene, with original hit ‘Driving Me Away’, which was actually one of the first songs he wrote in the early 90’s. As well as this, his previous album release, ‘And Now, Lawrence Preston’, which was released in 1997.

Lawrence first began his musical journey at an early age, where he would watch and take part of his parents gospel group ‘The Sensational Travelers’, he would then at the age of 5 years old, he would be hired to front another family group, known as the ‘Fantastic Four’. 

Throughout his professional career, he has managed to gain strengths and talents in a number of varied areas, becoming a bass player for many touring bands and artists such as Dorothy Morrison. While he had honed his craft throughout the years, he soon found himself motivated to write and record his own original material, which led to him gaining skills in being a producer, writer and performer.

Now with the release of new track, Lawrence is ready to take on the world, and restore a little bit of funk back into your day.





Adonis: From Mortgage Broker to Music Bringer


Throughout the years, Adonis has been taking a sabbatical from the music industry, however, he’s back with brand new single ‘My Different Lover’.

Adonis was born in Buffalo, New York, but shortly moved to California where he found his love for music, performing in bands and writing music while in Junior high. Early influences include Motown, expanding over the years to progressing to playing Bass guitar, which he received at the age of 12.

After realising he wanted to study and produce records as well write and perform, he went on to study  music theory, electronic music, and sound recording at California State University at Northridge.

After learning and practising his skill and craft, he then went on years of touring with a number of different bands including  Alphonse Mouzon, Dee Dee Bridgewater, The Miracles, Finis Henderson, and Richard Pryor.

Adonis had met Earth, Wind, & Fire Guitarist Al McKay, who was working on new solo material, and had Adonis as one of the members. A demo was made, however no record deals came to fruition.

However Adonis had used this experience to push himself further, “Working with Al Mckay motivated me to fine tune my writing skills”.  Throughout the years has worked with musicians and has make appearances playing bass and doing backing vocals for the likes of Glenn Jones,  Finis Henderson and Garry Glenn. 

After this success, he then went into a career of business and professional investing. Taking 19 years away from music, Adonis honed his craft as a Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Investor and Investor Relations Manager in facilitating the sale of privately held stock for companies.

He is now ready for a return, with powerful, yet delicately enlightening ‘My Different Lover’ which is out on October 26th. 



Every now and again, life throws things at you that completely stop you dead in your tracks, and Short Sharp Scratch do exactly that with their new single ‘Shellsuit’. From the gifted mind of Jak Chantler, a man once tipped as being Kerrang magazine’s “best new unsigned artist”, Shellsuit is a wonderful, heartfelt journey through the sound of funk and soul, reminiscent of Chaka Khan and Chic but with a contemporary, developed twist.

As the ultimate combination of songwriter/producer, Jak is perceptively aware of the current trends in this contemporary age of music where there is so much choice. The new project seemingly has no limits as he aims to meet the demands of the savvy modern day listener.

More on Jak and Short Sharp Scratch here!