Natalie Kocab & Michaela Polakova have moved me…

Natalie Kocab & Michaela Polakova are new to me, but god have they made an impression. Not only does their latest release have the Ex-Verve guitarist Nick McCabe lending his talents to the pair but its a dark, etherial masterpiece. Move Nick Cave Natalie and Michaela are taking over!

The new album ‘Ellis Island’ really stands out as not just a great album but as a work of art. Ever tracks stand apart from the last moving though Cocteau Twins to The National, the pairs sound hits on al the right notes taking influence from some greats.

‘Ellis Island’ is out now on Warner Music, Listen below:

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Every now and again, life throws things at you that completely stop you dead in your tracks, and Short Sharp Scratch do exactly that with their new single ‘Shellsuit’. From the gifted mind of Jak Chantler, a man once tipped as being Kerrang magazine’s “best new unsigned artist”, Shellsuit is a wonderful, heartfelt journey through the sound of funk and soul, reminiscent of Chaka Khan and Chic but with a contemporary, developed twist.

As the ultimate combination of songwriter/producer, Jak is perceptively aware of the current trends in this contemporary age of music where there is so much choice. The new project seemingly has no limits as he aims to meet the demands of the savvy modern day listener.

More on Jak and Short Sharp Scratch here!



Barcelona Beatle’s: Pablo And The Appleheads Are Set To Dominate


At first sight Pablo Villavacchia may seem like model, a David Bowie type character, sporting vintage coats, set in a classic surrounding with books, statues and ornaments to provide as a backdrop, but if you heard his songs, you’d know, that’s exactly who he is.

Pablo and the appleheads, a culmination of musicians from Spain. With the inclusion of front man Pablo, this band of rock and roller’s include Pere Foved (Drums), Jordi Franco(Bass),  Joan Vinyals (Guitar & Backing vocals), Jordi Bastida (Guitar) and Manu Guix (Piano and keyboards). Being referred regularly to the Beatles, as well other acts including David Bowie, Oasis and Radiohead.

Their previous album ‘Stars and Dots’, was their first release, and ever since then they have spent time working on their craft, playing live and writing brand new original songs. Thus making way for new track Zaida‘, a new single for the guys in Pablo and the Appleheads. 

Pablo has stated that this is a song was written due to our front man finding love with his now girlfriend ‘Alessandra Marta Grosso’, as well as this ‘Allessandra happens to be the name of the new album. 

The Music Video for ‘Zaida’ is now on YouTube:

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Lady Geraldine: Culturally Rich Singer/Songwriter Is Putting The Classic Into Rock




Lady Geraldine, who’s life has been a mass mix of different experiences and cultural influences, which are brought together for her solo music career.

Born in Bristol, She had lived life, until the age of 7, in which she would be diagnosed as profoundly deaf after years of ear infections and intense damage to her ears. She would then be offered reconstructive surgery performed on her right ear, in which she would gain partial hearing, letting her live life.

She then decided to move to North Africa, in which she would be thrust into a culturally vibrant and exciting environment would inspire creativity, which were then channelled into oil paintings, in which her passion was released through her work. However due to the harsh climate and environment she was in, she decided to move to Venezuela in South America. This was another brand new environment to draw from, making her diversity grow in scale and passions range.


She then moved to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, UK. It was here she started her own jewellers, which became extremely successful. And with her business gaining popular traction, she was now able to explore music thoroughly and took this opportunity to record and write her own songs.

She is now releasing her new album ‘Little Miss Blue’, which is a classic rock styled Instalment from the singer/songwriter.



Interview with Singer-Songwriter, J.J.Leone

What attracted you to the area of music you work in?

Song-writing is just something that came really naturally to me, it always has done. Even writing in general – I had some poetry published when I was 8 which I wrote about a jungle! But ‘Dark Soul’ was just something that happened, I didn’t start to think that this is the music I’m going to create, its just the sound that came out. I didn’t even name it, a friend did. He said that it’s still soulful music but its really dark at the same time, and I remember thinking that actually yeah, that’s a pretty good description of it!

What is your local music scene like? How do you think you fit in?

Norwich is doing really good at the moment, its got a few guys coming through right now, I put that down to it being in the countryside with not much else really to do! But in terms of where I fit in, I never concern myself with that. I don’t create music with an idea of fitting in anywhere, people can put me wherever they see fit!

You’ve got a huge concert lined up – what would be your dream venue?

Without doubt the Drogarati Cave in Kefalonia, Greece. I went there a couple of years ago and the acoustics there are so perfect they do hold concerts in there, its a chillingly beautiful place, and yes I did stand there singing whilst looking around – I chose Frank Ocean if I remember rightly!

Tell us about how you go about creating your music, from initial idea to completion. What equipment do you use?

For me, it always starts with a melody which 99% of the time comes from the guitar. My preferred guitars are the Yamaha electro-acoustic CPX700 and my electric is a BC Rich Assassin QX6. From there I can really start to work on the chords, structure and lyrics. I’d say it’s 50/50 as to whether the lyrics or the beat comes first, I use a Chord MU25 keyboard and I programme with Cubase. The lyrics are always the last thing I record as by then the music has already been put down and I always think the voice is another instrument, so can be used to enhance/ calm aspects of the music at certain points. The microphone I use is a Shure SM57.

Tell us about the inspiration and making of the video which accompanies your track

I always try to keep it fairly simply and almost let people make their own visuals for my songs in their mind. The video for ‘Reload’ is a simple graphic style, but I think it works with the ambience of the track also.

What would be your ultimate aim in the industry?

There isn’t really one! I want to bring people together through music and just seeing somebodies face light up when their favourite song comes on is what made me fall in love with it in the first place. I’ve connected with people all over the world through music, we may not speak the same language, but we both know a jam when we hear one!

Is there anything you would like people to know about your current release?

It’s available for pre-order now from all major download platforms, with full release on October 6th.








Roger Rudenstein: Life, Love, Compositions and Political Satire.

Roger Rudenstein, Composer and classical writer, has his sights set on breaking through to European audiences. But what is he trying to say?

Based in New Hampshire in New England USA, Roger has managed to accomplish a long list of accolades, through his work in classical operatic pieces. His past work has consisted of politically driven, relevant and hauntingly comedic stage shows like ‘Full length’, ‘The Devil and George Bush’ and ‘Ulysses‘ (based on James Joyce’s novel).

He has a number of Musicals, Operas and compositions he has put his hand to, but his politically focused pieces have gained much traction, such as an article in the New York Times and over 100,000 streams on Souncloud. It is easy to see why, other than the compositions being beautiful and elegant, yet possessing a serious and thrilling, the bold and truthful messages behind the pieces speak for a large number of people, especially with the recent ‘Donald Trump’ inspired ‘Hail to the Thief’. 

Roger had studied music, and learned with Chinese-American composer ‘Soong Fu-Yuan’ and ‘Walter Hilse’, a Composer from New York City. A lot of his work show his reflection or outlook on life, love and our precarious day and age.






Transylvanian Dream-Pop Heroes, MODIWO, Swap Vampires for Sweet Charity with Their New Track

Confounding expectations, Modiwo have emerged from the shadows of the Carpathian Mountains to become one of the country’s breakout musical success stories, whilst also giving their time to support charity projects around the world. Initially forming in order to provide entertainment for local orphanages and retirement projects, demand for the band’s music grew to such a scale that they agreed to become a band in their own right.

As well as conquering their homeland with their music, they are currently involved with a charity called Fruit Fusion, where audiences attending their gigs will pay with fruit rather than money, the proceeds then being donated to local orphanages, in conjunction with The Bureau of Children’s’ Rights Protection. An average show can deliver up to 700kg of fruit to those most deserving. Modiwo carry this healthy living ethos through to their own lifestyles and into their music, promoting yoga and meditation as well as using their music as a form of relaxation therapy.